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At Bolton Wanderers we are known for being a family club and we are constantly looking for opportunities to offer support and care to our supporters. We offer a range of ways to celebrate and remember life's most significant moments.


Following on from the success of the original Walkway of Fame and as a lasting tribute to the life of Bolton’s much loved hero. The Nat Lofthouse Walkway leads to and surrounds the long awaited Nat Lofthouse statue which is situated at the front of the Stadium close to the Main Reception. 

The Nat Lofthouse Walkway also pays homage to the 1958 team, winners of the F.A. Cup when Nat Lofthouse scored two unforgettable goals to lead the team to victory and lift the cup for the fourth time. A brick has been inscribed and laid for each member of that very special winning team to honour their fantastic achievement and the part they have played in the history of Bolton Wanderers Football Club. 

The Walkway will also pay homage to more recent players including former Captain, Kevin Davies, and long serving Goalkeeper, Jussi Jaaskelainen. Names will be added with each phase so keep a look out for your favourite player being added. If you would like your own lasting tribute, bricks in the Walkway can be purchased and engraved with your own name or unique message to celebrate a special moment in your life - a great gift for the passionate supporter or a way to mark your own support by having your name inscribed and included in the Walkway. Black memorial bricks can also be purchased as a way of remembering your loved one and will be situated within their own area of the Walkway. The current BWFC logo can also be included on double bricks but messages should then be limited to three lines.

Anyone purchasing a brick will receive a certificate once the brick has been laid or at any alternative time on request.  Orders are taken all year but the bricks will be laid in two phases each year, in September and March.  We are currently taking orders for the 8th phase which will be laid in March 2017.  Please find attached an order form to print.  To order complete the order form and either return it using the freepost address on the form or bring it to Bolton Central at the Macron Stadium.  Alternatively you can order by phone, contact 01204 673663.



Bolton Wanderers also have a Book of Remembrance. An inscription for those loved ones who have passed away can be entered into the book and will then be displayed on the appropriate day, as the page is turned daily.  The Book of Remembrance is situated outside the Community Office and can be viewed at any time of day or night.

Please find an order form to print. To order complete the order form and either return it to the freepost address on the form or bring it to Bolton Central at the Macron Stadium,  Alternatively you can order by phone, contact 01204 673663.


For anyone needing support in times of stress or sadness, the BWFC Chaplain, Philip Mason, is available to lend a listening ear. The ashes of loved ones can be scattered on the pitch at the Macron Stadium, arranged through the Chaplaincy, at which time a short act of remembrance will take place.

If you wish to speak to Phil please ring 01204 673668 or you can email


Bolton Wanderers hold an Annual Service of Remembrance conducted by Philip Mason. All names of those inscribed in the Memorial Book and on a black memorial brick during the previous 12 months are read out at the service.   Names from previous years are also remembered by scrolling them on a big screen.  Everyone is welcome to attend the service but the relatives and friends of those being remebered will recieve personal invites to attend this special occasion.








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